T for Tomorrow

Tomorrow, she will talk to him and explain that it was all a big misunderstanding. Right now, she was too exhausted to think any more, simply tired and ready to go to sleep. It was a mistake anyway to try and pack in a meeting with him at the end of such a long day today. Today had actually started yesterday, when she boarded the long transatlantic flight. She never understood why people referred to the New York – London trip as “hopping across the pond”. It must be shallow bravado among the so-called road warriors. The uncomfortable seven hour … Continue reading T for Tomorrow

S for Sometimes

Over time we get conditioned to ignore the banalities of daily life; and sometimes we look for a deeper meaning behind the picayune. Someone cuts us off in traffic, and we feel that they are out to “get us”. Someone doesn’t return our call or email and we are convinced they are snubbing us. Heck, sometimes it seems that even the weather conspires with mysterious forces of the universe to ruin a perfectly planned weekend. We all (even the most zen amongst us) have those moments. Having spent a few days in the nerve center of sensory overload that is … Continue reading S for Sometimes