T for Tomorrow

Tomorrow, she will talk to him and explain that it was all a big misunderstanding. Right now, she was too exhausted to think any more, simply tired and ready to go to sleep. It was a mistake anyway to try and pack in a meeting with him at the end of such a long day today. Today had actually started yesterday, when she boarded the long transatlantic flight. She never understood why people referred to the New York – London trip as “hopping across the pond”. It must be shallow bravado among the so-called road warriors. The uncomfortable seven hour … Continue reading T for Tomorrow

E for Everyday Matters

Is life worth living ? It depends upon the liver. This William James quote was one of the earliest examples of puns that I learnt in Grammar class. (I said earliest, not classiest). The liver, the person living the life, as opposed to the organ in the human body responsible for protein synthesis and detoxification, of course is us: you and me, players with defined entrances and exits on the stage of life. Which brings me to another pun, and the topic du jour. More than a clever play on quotidian words, Everyday Matters is also the title of an … Continue reading E for Everyday Matters

Carpe Diem

She was 48, and yes, her death was unexpected. It may seem, perhaps, a bit morbid to start writing a blog with a reflection on death. The trail of thought that leads to these penned lines however began innocuously enough – I was simply reconnecting with an old friend I had not met for many years. It was a fairly routine setting: a few stolen minutes ahead of a long flight in a busy airport café, and the catching up was old fashioned, befitting the years bereft of instant twitter-facebook updates: excited half-sentences, bolting from one life event to another, … Continue reading Carpe Diem