I for iThink

While iThink may sound like a nifty innovation coming out of the famed, recently bereaved, Cupertino company, it isn’t. However I cannot deny that events in the recent days have caused the thinking man to don the thinking cap again, perhaps on matters more somber than picayune.

iThink about how life is temperate and tempestuous, fleeting and finite. Time and again we are reminded of that simple fact, and yet, over and over we sacrifice the important for the immediate, the essential for the urgent.

iThink about how conviction in one’s own values is a difficult virtue. How it is much easier to follow the wisdom of the crowds rather than chart a lonely course.

iThink about how dogma is so commonplace and pervasive in our lives. Dogma – where we allow other people to think for us and define the rules and rigors of our lives, rather than do the hard work of thinking for ourselves and risking the controversial, perhaps unpopular, outcomes that that may reveal.

iThink about how the reign of kings and queens – whether sovereigns of vast lands or simply the monarchs of our minds and hearts – one day simply comes to an end.

The simple truths are sometimes the most obvious – and they have been around for a while. I just have to remind myself of the same.

Cogito Ergo Sum. iThink, therefore I am.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. sraina says:

    Very nicely written as always!


  2. pradeep seth says:

    i dont have any” i ” products- it s all us and and we products – i have got to use them – but i could do without them – nothing is a MUST- i pay my humble respects to the man who created those”JOBS” in the IT sector
    waiting for the invention of wireless electricity “no batteries to ”

    i am looking forwarrd to your next edition of J — will it be JOY or will it be “JAIL” no offence meant to the dirty young naive politician!!!!


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