Z for Zavala, Ignacio Fr.

Father McKenzie, Writing the words of a sermon that no one will hear, No one comes near, Look at him working.. Music fans will recognize these lyrics from the threnody “Eleanor Rigby”, one of The Beatles’ most haunting tunes. An oblique elegy to the mysterious namesake, the song is a poignant paean to loneliness, anonymity and death. Is it then any wonder that in the age of Covid19 when we are afraid of even our shadow (unless it has washed its hand in soap and water for the prescribed two happy-birthdays rendition length) this song could be perceived as a … Continue reading Z for Zavala, Ignacio Fr.

U for U7, Nach Enkheim

The U7 train in Frankfurt runs from Hausen to Enkheim, a journey perhaps as nondescript, as unremarkable, as any of the hundreds of commuter lines that form the lifeblood of major metro cities around the world. But any trip is only as interesting as you allow it to be, and the U7 traverses through diverse neighborhoods that stamp their distinctive personas on the people entering and exiting the train. The Hauptbahnhof, or main station, is the only point where it is hard to make a distinction as it forces co-mingling of commuters, tourists, students and casual travelers on their way to and … Continue reading U for U7, Nach Enkheim

T for Tomorrow

Tomorrow, she will talk to him and explain that it was all a big misunderstanding. Right now, she was too exhausted to think any more, simply tired and ready to go to sleep. It was a mistake anyway to try and pack in a meeting with him at the end of such a long day today. Today had actually started yesterday, when she boarded the long transatlantic flight. She never understood why people referred to the New York – London trip as “hopping across the pond”. It must be shallow bravado among the so-called road warriors. The uncomfortable seven hour … Continue reading T for Tomorrow